‘I Wish Jobs Came With Price Tags’: Or: Why Negotiating Is Still Tricky

You’ve landed a job in this economy. Congratulations! What do you do now?

Even though the media is dying, you still ought to be paid humanely. Even decently, Joe Grimm writes in Ask The Recruiter today. “If you think the offer is fair and the opportunity good, there is nothing wrong with accepting it,” he suggests to “Mathematically Confused,” a copy editor who has received a job offer.

The copy editor was first offered a job at a small paper in a big city, but didn’t want to accept the paper’s offer of $15 an hour (quite frankly we don’t blame this person). After counter-offering, the paper “thought about it” and then rescinded their offer. Grimm says this company “behaved strangely,” but we had the exact thing happen to us about two years ago, so maybe it’s not that strange. (In fact, Mathematically, maybe we should talk!)

Mathematically adds that s/he’s been offered another job at a new paper, but is wary of negotiating after the last experience. “I wish jobs came with price tags,” s/he says!

Employers have all sorts of ridiculous ways of determining salary. They want to know what you made at your last job, as if a random company’s budget, location, or industry has anything to do with their budget, location, or industry.

The only fair way to do it, we think, is to pay somebody the market rate for that market and industry, regardless of what that person made in his/her previous job. So negotiations shouldn’t really be that complicated, right?

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