Ian Ziering to TMZ: ‘I’ve Got Two Front Row Seats for You!’

The press release headline is way too long. But today’s announcement that former Beverly Hills 90210 star Ian Ziering will be the June celebrity host in Vegas for the Rio Hotel & Casino’s Chippendales revue still earns our applause for the first few words of said headline: “Ian Ziering Changes Zip Codes…”

The PR folks at Michael Caprio Media Design could certainly have done more with the actor’s upcoming summer hang in the 89103. For example, this could have been a perfect opportunity to call back info about the zips of the filming location and school the fictitious 90210 one is based on. From seeing-stars.com:

The exterior shots for West Beverly High were actually filmed at Torrance High School, almost twenty miles away. And ironically, since Beverly Hills High is situated in the city’s southern section, the school’s actual zip code isn’t even 90210 – it’s 90212.

Making up for this, the release has a couple of very fun, atypical quotes from Ziering:

“When I got the call from Chippendales my jaw dropped as it came on the heels of TMZ calling me fat on national TV…” says Ziering. “Hey TMZ, I’ve got two front row seats for you!”

No mention in this morning’s TMZ item of any of this. Lost opportunity… unless they’re saving it for tonight’s TV show.

Update – 04/15/13: On Monday’s edition of TMZ Live, Ziering phoned in and told Harvey and Charles, among other things, that he was flattered by the opportunity. “I don’t know many 49-year-old men who get the opportunity to do this… It’s flirty. not dirty.”

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