Ice House Detroit Freezes the Abandoned

Just this past weekend, a friend was talking about Roger Hiorns‘ Turner Prize-shortlisted piece “Seizure.” If you aren’t familiar with it, the quick synopsis is that Hiorns dumped gallons and gallons of copper sulphate into a sealed, abandoned apartment, waited a few days, sucked all the liquid back out, and what was left were these beautiful, blue walls of crystals. So it’s funny that piece should come up right before we’d heard about this project in Detroit starting to make the rounds here on the internet, which sort of sounds like the American version of “Seizure.” It’s Gregory Holm and Matthew Radune‘s plan to pump water into an abandoned house this winter and let it freeze, essentially creating a gigantic ice block around the structure. Throughout the process, Holm will be photographing the effects the ice has on the house, with the whole purpose of the project serving as a statement about Detroit’s foreclosure plague over these past decades. The two are currently raising money for the project on their blog, so if you’re feeling generous and dig the idea, drop them a few bucks.

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