Icon Comparison: iOS 6 vs. iOS 7

Apple’s new icons for iOS are worth examining as a minor, yet indicative nature of the design overhaul for iOS 7. Whether you like the new look or not, the changes are coming and they are definitely worth noting since apps will need to be redesigned to match the new style criteria.

In this graphic by design student Niels Boey, icons from iOS 6 is laid next to their new versions in iOS 7 for easy comparison – you can easily see how much work went into the new look. It’s drastic, but not exactly as flat as icons from Microsoft or Google. In fact, by using a gradient palette for all of the colors, the new icons maintain some of their three-dimensional, skeumorphic origins.

As far as originality, it’s important to note this particular comparison on Gizmodo between some of the new iOS 7 icons to Living Social and old Color Lab icon.


What do you think? I know Android users have a lot more freedom in changing their icon sets so it’s not comparable in that sense. Since Apple has a lot of leverage in visual aesthetics, I expect to see a large following, no matter how much dissension exists.


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