ICYMI: A&E Network Told Viewers to Get Ducked with Duck Dynasty Marathon

If you ever doubted what your gripes mean to TV ratings, look no further than here.

Merry Christmas to all of you who took serious issue with Phil Robertson, the patriarch of ‘Duck Dynasty,’ and his seemingly anti-gay and anti-Jim Crow law stances during the past few weeks. If you were trapped in your bomb shelter over the holidays or just bombed on that spiked egg nog your lush grandmother brought to the party, you may have been watching A&E TV’s Christmas gift to America:

A 24-hour ‘Duck Dynasty’ marathon, which of course, came with a colossal middle finger hailing in the Christmas sky.

The Yuletide “Kiss my Grinch” festivities began Christmas day at 3:30 p.m. eastern with Episode 1 … of 25. This fun and yuks commenced until December 26 until the infomercials took over programming selling Shamwows or the inane Flowbee hair vacuum.

According to Cate Meighan, senior writer for Celeb Dirty Laundry (who is being quoted everywhere about this never-ending kerfuffle), A&E is just giving the fans what they want.

“I think, honestly, it’s A&E trying to play both sides of the coin,” she said. “They’ve come out and not supported Phil’s statements… however they’re also looking at the backlash from the fans, and they have a huge amount of backlash from the fans.” Plus, in the TV world, it all comes down to money, she said. “Duck Dynasty” is the networks top show, and it has reeled it more than 14 million viewers at its peak, which means big advertising bucks for the network.

“It is really a money thing,” Meighan explained. “You’re going to have the same people tuning into ‘Duck Dynasty’ that always have and the same people not watching that always have.”

And that is the broadcasting Circle of Life, kids.

You act. You get paid. You act too big for your britches. They bitch. The networks choke on their escargot. They “suspend” and remember what it’s like to have a No. 1 rated TV show. And then ask the agape-mouthed fool back on the show because you people suck anyway.

Welcome to America, at least the 14 million acolytes of the show. The rest of you don’t matter so much.

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