Announces First Projects, Fellows

Earlier this year, IDEO announced the birth of its socially minded kid brother, The global design consultancy launched the new organization, complete with teamwork-n’-rainbows-themed identity (pictured), with an eye to “spreading human-centered design throughout the social sector in order to improve the lives of people in low-income communities around the world and focus on challenges related to poverty,” and this week, announced its first crop of projects:

• New water models for Winrock International: is partnering with Winrock International to develop programs that allow for safe access to daily water needs, including drinking, sanitation, and agriculture. Traditionally, these have operated as siloed sources, and and Winrock will work together to help define and communicate a strategy to create working models for integrated, multiple-use water systems.
• Strategic opportunities with Rockefeller Foundation: and the Rockefeller Foundation will identify new intervention opportunities related to problems facing poor and vulnerable communities. will help Rockefeller Foundation understand the future and make decisions about how to invest in strategic areas.
TEDx in a Box: The team will develop tools for organizers without access to technology to create TEDx experiences in informal settlements around the world.

And the first class of eight “Innovators in Residence” (five from outside IDEO and three from the home team) includes a mix of backgrounds selected “to help spread the methods and processes of design throughout the social sector.” They are:

  • Liz Ogbu, an architect, professor, and expert on sustainable design and the spatial conditions of challenged urban environments
  • Marika Shioiri-Clark, an architect committed to social change with experience designing hospitals in Rwanda
  • Jessica Vechakul, a mechanical engineer with extensive experience working with local inventors and rural communities
  • Salvador Zepeta, a systems designer and former McKinsey consultant with public sector expertise
  • Robin Bigio, an industrial designer from IDEO London
  • Sarah Lidgus, a writer, strategist, and storyteller from IDEO New York
  • Adam Reineck, a project lead and industrial designer from IDEO Palo Alto

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