IEX Is Running a Super Bowl Beer Ad on Social Media, But You Can’t Buy the Beer

The stock exchange is using Liquidity as a brand awareness tool

Liquidity is brewed by Georgia’s Good Word Brewing IEX

Beer commercials during the Super Bowl are standard fare, but they don’t often promote a beer that isn’t available for sale.

Investors Exchange (IEX), a U.S.-based stock exchange, is running a social campaign on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to promote both liquidity, as in the inventory available on a stock exchange, and Liquidity, which it called the “official unofficial beer of the stock market.”

IEX said it convened a group of Wall Street traders last September and crowdsourced their favorite beer from a group of eight brews to come up with Liquidity.

Liquidity, brewed by Georgia’s Good Word Brewing, is not available for purchase, but IEX said it will enjoy it with clients and use it as a brand awareness tool throughout the year.


IEX was founded in 2012, and it debuted as a national securities exchange in September 2016. More recently, the company expanded beyond its core stock exchange business into new technology and data businesses IEX Cloud and IEX Astral, respectively. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.