If the Dell Streak Android Tablet is Real, I Think I Want One

As you might guess, I have a bunch of mobile devices lying around to choose and use. However, I generally carry an Apple iPod touch when wandering around my home. I’ve found it to be a great little Internet tablet for quickly checking email, browsing web pages, checking the weather and many other e-tasks in and around my home. Of course, every now and then I need either switch to a Windows Mobile smartphone with a physical keyboard or boot up a netbook to perform tasks that needs a bit more text entry or a larger screen. Since Apple isn’t giving any sign of releasing an affordable (or even an expensive) tablet computer, I’m always looking for something that is a bit larger than the iPod touch. So, this item from SlashGrea really got my attention…

Dell Streak 5-inch 3G Android MID leaks [Update: Video!]

Here’s some info about this rumored device:

– Runs Android 2.0
– 5-inch 800×480 touch screen (larger than the Touch Pro2 with the same resolution)
– WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3G radios
– 5 megapixel camera with flash
– microSD card slot

I have no idea if this is (a) real or (b) if it will ever show up as an actual product in the U.S. But, if it does, it sure seems to be a potential replacement for the iPod touch as my home internet tablet device.

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