If You Tweet an Emoji at Google’s Account, It Will Link to Local Search Results

Looking for a good nearby coffee spot?

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Google wants to understand the language of emoji.

The tech giant today launched a fun feature that lets people tweet emojis at the brand's Twitter account. For each tweet people send, Google automatically sends back a tweet with a GIF and a link to local search results about the emoji. Tweeting a picture of a coffee cup, for example, results in a coffee GIF and a link to find a nearby coffee shop. And tweeting a picture of a Christmas tree will help you find nearby tree lots.

The emoji engine is similar to what Taco Bell has been doing on Twitter for about a year and is part of a campaign Google calls #KnowNearby that promotes its local search tools.

According to CNET, Google's technology recognizes and can respond to about 200 of the 1,400 possible unicode symbols available, with a few extras—or "Easter eggs"—thrown in. Although as Gizmodo notes, Google's tweets seem to be purposely PG-rated—sorry, but Google will not send you porn links.

Take a look at a smattering of tweets and accompanying GIFs that Google's account has already cranked out today.

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