If You Wrote About Non-Forbesy Stuff On True/Slant, Find A New Outlet To Write For…Plus, Another Failure Of Online

When Forbes acquired True/Slant earlier this week nobody really knew what it meant for the blog network’s 300 contributors, though the rumors were not pretty.

Thanks to Jeff Bercovici at DailyFinance, who is also a True/Slant contributor, we have some of the dirt.

In short: if you don’t write about Forbesy topics, start looking.

Bercovici said that in a Wednesday morning conference call with T/S contributors, founder Lewis Dvorkin explained that niche blogs, like a blog about a single football team, are not likely to make the cut, but neither are generalist blogs.

All contributors will stay on through June and will be paid during that time, and those who aren’t asked to stay with Forbes will be given technical assistance migrating their blog archives to WordPress, a move Bercovici classified as “humane.”

So what’s the deal with this acquisition anyway? When T/S was doing so well with its innovative business model and record amounts of traffic?

Dvorkin said on the conference call: “Our monetization is fairly small, almost infinitesimal right now compared to what it would need to be to be a truly successful business enterprise.”

Ah. Gotcha.