IGG Launches Four New Social Games on Facebook

IGG.com (I Got Games) has historically developed and published free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing games. But it began experimenting with social games on Facebook late last year, and now it has four new ones coming out: Crazy Clinic, Perfect Poker Live, Crazy Pirates, and Miracle Garden.

Here’s a quick look at each.

The first of the four, is most similar to Playfish’s and Zynga’s Restaurant City and Café World respectively. The key difference, as the name would suggest, is that Crazy Clinic takes a more hospitalized theme, like Medical Mayhem. Users are tasked with creating of their own fantasy clinics and decorating them as they see fit. However, IGG brings particular attention to game’s stylistic humor of patients being zapped, poked, prodded, covered in radioactive foam, or exposed to a torrent of other procedures as users search for cures to devastating illnesses such as Internet Addiction, Mummification, and Spontaneous Combustion.

Perfect Poker Live, on the other hand, is a bit more tame, giving players a means to play traditional poker online. It’s about the same, game play-wise, as any other poker game, but what is really cool is that the game actually incorporates both live audio and video chat systems. That’s right, if you have a webcam and a microphone, you can play face-to-face with people from around the world. Granted, it might be a bit awkward at first, but is a very nice option all the same. Maybe now, people will have to be more aware of those habitual tells.

Third on the list is Crazy Pirates, and this is easily the most traditional of the four IGG releases. It’s your standard Facebook, text-based, RPG. Similar in respect to games like Mafia Wars, the game’s pirate-themed play has players doing all the basics, from quests to battling. However, the app is differentiated by a more unique “Fleet Creation system” that allows player to collect special items and customize their own fleets. While we haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet, the system will presumably create a more in-depth level of player personalization in order to make player versus player combat less predictable and both more competitive and dynamic.

Unfortunately for us, all three of the above games are in Chinese. Sadly, we haven’t yet learned the language yet. Luckily, IGG has told us that English renditions of each are on the way will be out in early June. Thankfully, however, the last title on the list, Miracle Garden is already translated and ready to go.

This 3D Flash title is your typical farming application. Of course, the key difference is users are growing a garden as opposed to corn and cows. While all the basics are there, IGG describes one tremendous, different, feature: the hybridizing of player’s own flower species. With this mechanic, players will be able trade flowers with friends and create “tens of thousands” of different flower combinations.

As the only game currently in English, we’ll have a full review on Miracle Garden coming soon.

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