I’ll Take ‘How the Hell Do You Pronounce GIF?’ for $1000, Alex

Alex Trebek has obviously never searched for “Mean Girls” in Google images or visited the I Work in PR page.

Last night’s final Jeopardy question weighed in on the GIF pronunciation controversy, prompting responses from every resident of Geekville eager to resolve an argument that started one night in a Silicon Valley juice bar after a few too many shots of wheatgrass:

The answer, of course, was GIF, and the person in question was tumblr CEO David Karp. But is the debate over? Oh no.

The Media weighs in at the 1:51 point in this story when NPR‘s David Folkenflik places his flag on the “hard G” side of the aisle.

Folkenflik is a real-life “journalist”, so his voice doesn’t carry quite as much weight as that of the average Reddit user. Still, the real controversy remains unexplained: when did Final Jeopardy questions get so easy?

Oh, and a note to Trebek (H/T to the great tumblr we mentioned above):

Good luck with that.

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