Images on Instagram Are the Way for Brands to Go Around Thanksgiving (Infographic)

Unmetric found that the photo- and video-sharing app is overtaking its social network parent

What are brands bringing to the table on Thanksgiving? GMVozd/iStock

Now that the trick-or-treating is done with and the costumes have been stowed away, Thanksgiving is the next big holiday on the calendar.

Social marketing firm Unmetric analyzed Thanksgiving-related activity by U.S. brands on social from 2012 through 2017 and shared its findings in infographic form.

Unmetric CEO Lux Narayan said, “Between Thanksgiving and Black Friday, brands leverage the holidays to boost engagement with consumers and advertise their new (and discounted) products. While Facebook was once the preferred method of engagement, it has decreased in popularity as brands move to Instagram, which in 2017 achieved two times more engagement than Facebook and 90 times more than Twitter. On all these platforms, brands consistently found the most success engaging with consumers through posts containing images.”

Indeed, Unmetric found that posts with images garnered 11 times more interactions on Instagram that posts containing video or text, as well as five times more on Facebook and three times more on Twitter.

The company used its Analyze and Discover platforms to examine posts that garnered the most engagement around Thanksgiving, along with other metrics, and its findings included:

  • The volume of posts by brands around Thanksgiving day slipped slightly on Facebook in 2017 compared with 2016, remained essentially flat on Instagram and actually showed a slight uptick on Twitter.
  • Engagement on Instagram has consistently risen over the past five years, while Facebook engagement peaked in 2014 and has been on the downturn since then.
  • Although there is some activity on all three social networks in October, most brands wait until November to begin sharing Thanksgiving-related content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Narayan said, “In 2017, the hospitality industry dominated the conversation surrounding Thanksgiving, with close to 5,000 posts on Facebook alone. However, retail and consumer electronics brands garnered the highest levels of engagement with their posts focusing on discounts, special offers and family-related themes.”

Unmetric David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.