A Typo-Filled Anniversary for 2012 New York Subway Incident Victim

Earlier today, we caught a typo in the New York Post. Instead of Jonah Peretti, media columnist Keith J. Kelly had as the winner of Adweek‘s Digital Editor of the Year one “John Peretti.” (The typo has since been fixed.)

However, that slip-up can’t hold a candle to the litany of errors the Post and many other outlets made with another, less famous person’s name. As documented today by iMediaEthics reporter Sydney Smith on the one-year anniversary of the tragic subway incident death of Ki-Suck Han, various wrong versions of this Queens resident’s name were widely disseminated. The Post for example got it wrong three different ways, and like many outlets tracked and re-contacted by Smith, failed to quickly correct.

The Daily News also had tri-trouble with the spelling. In terms of major New York dailies, only the New York Times got it right. From Smith’s piece:

Night Metro editor Peter Khoury quickly responded to our inquiry last year asking how the Times got the correct spelling. According to Khoury, the Times verified the spelling with the police and public records.

“Some media had it spelled Suk,” write Khoury. “Wendy Ruderman, our police bureau chief, checked again with the police department’s public information office and its chief spokesman, Paul J. Browne. They both confirmed that we had the proper spelling.”

All part of another solid piece of reporting by iMediaEthics. Be sure to click over to Smith’s article to view her table summary of how this victim’s name was mangled. RIP.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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