uses incentivized internship program to strengthen development team

Mobile messenger app,, has shared some interesting facts about its internship program, after news of Google’s lucrative program rose earlier this month. Rather than giving its interns remedial work, the company uses its program as a three month job interview, allowing them to build tools and software that is directly beneficial to the company.’s intern recruiting is solely for people with background in computer science and development. It is all inclusive, reaching out to over 30 different countries, but still heavily embedded in the U.S.

The company provides interns with the opportunity to work on and develop big projects and new features that will directly affect the messaging product. Speaking with imo co-founder, Ralph Harik, he believes that giving interns the opportunity work on big projects leads to highly motivated workers as they also provide great bonuses for good work.

What is most impressive is how well these interns are being paid. Harik told us that imo interns get paid $7500 a month excluding a $500 stipend to live within 5 miles of the company offices. Harik believe that living closer to the offices will help motivate and engage themselves deeper within the product.

Harik emphasized how the program has been successful for the company. Over the last few years, the company has accumulated over 50 different interns, hiring 5 to join the full time 20-person team. The company has interns working for them year round as significant contributors.

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