In Bizarrely Awesome Video, Grist Asks Donors To Save Endangered Journalists

Online environmental news site Grist is passing the hat around with a bizarrely awesome video.

In it, hip, green advice columnist Umbra Fisk dons a fox mask and asks for donations to help save endangered species of environmental journalists.

“At the Grist sanctuary, we provide them with the bare necessities: organic tea, energy efficient computers, and soothing music to encourage them to do what they do best,” she says. “Without your help these fine specimens might find themselves without sanctuary, caught in the crosshairs of climate skeptics, or worse: left to fend for themselves.”

Grist has always been partially funded by donations. (In 2008, the most recent year data was available, the site received $1.9 million in donations) This current campaign seems to be predicated on the fact that an anonymous donor is matching contributions of $100 or more.

Which doesn’t negate the fact that this video is mind-blowingly weird.