In Brief: Redesigns and Revolutions

  • Britain’s Conservative party is causing double takes with its new pre-election posters (like the one above). “It’s a strange campaign that seems to distill the current state of British politics,” notes Sam Jacob in a piece on Icon magazine’s website. “Politics has become an aesthetic project rather than a verbal one. Positions are not set out in words, but expressed through hyper-sophisticated images.”
  • In other redesign news, our sister blog FishbowlNY reports on the fresh look of Natural Home. The magazine still can’t get over its love of small caps, but we endorse any publication that will put a couple of old doorknobs on the cover.
  • Revolution! Evolution! Stop, you’re both right. Stefano Tonchi doesn’t officially take the editorial helm of W until April 12, but times, they’re already a-changin’. Longtime creative director Dennis Freedman is leaving the magazine, according to WWD. “I have had the most extraordinary experience working with some of the most talented and brilliant photographers, artists, and editors in the world, and these collaborations have brought me unbelievable joy and satisfaction,” said Freedman. “For me, this has been one of the greatest opportunities I could ever hope for.”
  • A team led by Pentagram’s Paula Scher has transformed a Brooklyn charter school with bold environmental graphics. The project, a collaboration with Rogers Marvel Architects, celebrates language with motivational supergraphics that define the school’s interior spaces. Taste the rainbow.

  • Spark your own revolution with Kickstarter, a new twist on microfinance that helps designers, artists, illustrators, filmmakers, and other creators bring their projects, events, and dreams to life. Post your own project or pledge your support to others in return for rewards that range from books and t-shirts to autographed meat cleavers (from one enterprising Boston butcher). Among the projects currently seeking support are a comics newspaper, a fledging fashion line, and a hip-hop videogame that will feature the names of all donors graffiti’d into the background scenery.

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