Up In The Air: Facebook And Twitter Dominate In-Flight Wi-Fi Social Networking [INFOGRAPHIC]

In-flight Wi-Fi… it’s pretty amazing, right?

When you consider that just a few short years ago the only ‘social networking’ you could hope for whilst flying between destinations was that awkward conversation with a complete stranger outside the restroom, it’s nothing short of a miracle that Twitter, Facebook and everything else on the internet is now just a click away.

While you’re sitting on a chair. In an airplane. In the sky.

This new infographic from Gogo, the in-flight Wi-Fi provider for most of the major airlines across the USA, looks at how passengers use Wi-Fi whilst they’re up in the air.

Key takeaways:

  • Facebook is the most popular in-flight social network, accounting for 61% of all traffic in the first 6 months of 2011
  • This was followed by Twitter (22%) and LinkedIn (10%), with Foursquare rounding out the pack with 6% of usage (who checks in whilst in a plane? Isn’t a moving object kind of defeating the point of a checkin?)
  • Apple’s products (iPhone, iPad) have a huge 96.8% in-flight Wi-Fi usage share, and phones edge out tablets by a ratio of 2:1

Of course, in-flight Wi-Fi simply isn’t incredible enough for some people, who will be very quick to vent their anger at the slightest bit of disruption. Check out this brilliant clip from Louis C.K. if that sounds like you.

(Source: Gogo.)

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