In the Midst of Contract Negotiations and Possible Strike, #WeMakeNPR Campaign Returns

The contract expires tomorrow

Headshot of Corinne Grinapol

Two years ago, as the clock was running down on contract negotiations between NPR’s union, represented by SAG-AFTRA, and management, NPR staff introduced a twitter campaign, #WeMakeNPR, as a show of solidarity and to make the case on social for the value its employees bring to the organization.

That contract negotiation ended with an agreement that both sides could live with. With roughly 32 hours to go before the current contract expires (after it was extended June 30), the campaign returns, along with an accompanying website and countdown clock. This time around, the negotiations carry with them the threat of a potential strike.

The site includes a letter to NPR CEO Jarl Mohn explaining why a union contract is indispensable to the work NPR employees undertake:

Members of your management team seem to believe that NPR has become the revered media company it is – a company that they boast about serving – despite that contract. They misunderstand NPR’s history and culture: NPR has become great partly because of our labor-management contract. The contract has ensured proper working conditions, collaboration and collegiality, and an atmosphere of mutual respect. That culture is one of the main reasons we choose to work here. That culture attracts some of our youngest and newest talents, from diverse backgrounds.