In The Mile-High City, The Town Ain’t Big Enough For Two Magazines

Denver Magazine has folded and 5280 has purchased its ‘key assets,’ according to a press release obtained by Romenesko.

“Among the intellectual property transferred to 5280 are the Federal trademark of the name Denver Magazine; several internet domain names, including; and Denver Magazine’s Twitter account and Facebook pages,” the release said.”

The domain is already timing out when people try to visit it, but here’s a cache of the magazine’s staff page.

The staff apparently didn’t know it was coming: associate editor Jacob Harkins was Tweeting just a few hours ago about how company internet was down, then back up…in other words, just a normal morning at the office.

Denver has struggled to support two luxury magazines: upstart Shine folded after just one issue back in 2008. Put that way, 3 years of Denver Magazine is pretty impressive.

Under the agreement, 5280 won’t be assuming any of Denver‘s debt, and neither company will release any more information about the deal.