Incase Convertible Back Jacket iPad Case

Perhaps the iPad accessory that most associates the iPad with yourself is the case. In the brief time that I have owned my iPad I have quickly come to the realization that I may spend a lot of money in search of the perfect case. When I ordered my iPad I also ordered the Apple case, which I have found to be very functional but not very attractive. During a trip to my local Apple store I bought the Incase Convertible Book Jacket case.

Like the Apple case, the Convertible Book Jacket case is designed to protect an iPad and to serve as a stand, holding the iPad in three different positions in the landscape orientation. In the following picture you see my iPad in the case in the middle landscape position.

The case is covered in leather and looks much nicer than the Apple case, though it is much bulkier and adds more weight to the iPad than the Apple case. It also has an annoying Incase logo on the cover. What keeps this case from being perfect is that the top cover does not fold back flat beneath the iPad while in a portrait position, as you can see in the following picture. The result is that it is hard to hold the iPad to read a book while it is in the case.

Until I find something better, I plan to switch between the Incase and Apple cases. I’ll use the Incase when I am taking the iPad out of the house, and otherwise use the Apple case to hold the iPad while I am sitting on the couch at home. You can buy the Incase Convertible Book Jacket case, which costs $59.95 at Apple retail stores or online from Incase.

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