Incoming Heritage Prez Parties with Media Types

Last night the new home of Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) held its annual media Christmas party. That organization used to be known as The Heritage Foundation, but now you’d only know it as The DeMint Foundation since the Senator’s announcement.

The party is a must-attend for Washington media types and party crashers alike. Good food, top-shelf booze and big name revelers. The food disappointed this year but the attendees did not.

In addition to DeMint and outgoing foundation president Ed Feulner, other media types in attendance included… Juan Williams, Fred Barnes and Mary Katherine Ham of HotAir, National Review’s Robert Costa, the Washington Examiner’s Phillip Klein, the Daily Caller’s Vince Coglianese, Townhall’s Guy Benson, WMAL’s Heather Smith and Derek Hunter, recently returning to radio Laura Ingraham and Sen. Rand Paul’s communication’s director Moira Bagley.

Not in attendance:’s Matthew Boyle, which surprised no one.

Correction: Roll Call‘s Jonathan Strong was not at the party as previously reported. The above list has been changed to reflect that.

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