10 Effective Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Increasing your Twitter follower count is not a science, nor does it need to be your top focus for your activity on the network.

But it can be constructive to examine your Twitter practices to gauge whether they’re in line with what’s considered ideal.

The below infographic created by WordPress theme site Inkthemes.com suggests 10 effective ways to increase your Twitter followers.

A few notes:

– In contrast to what the infographic posits, you don’t need to follow back every person who follows you if you don’t think he or she will add to your Twitter feed. The accounts you follow, and those who follow you, change over time and that’s okay.

– The best day and time to tweet is different for everyone, depending on your industry, the people you’re following, the people who follow you, the content of the tweet you’re sending, the time zone you’re in, and more. There’s no one-size-fits-all best time or day of the week to tweet.

10 suggestions, not rules, for increasing your Twitter follower count:

(Source: Inkthemes.com. Increasing arrow image via Shutterstock.)

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