Increasing Mobile Technologies and 3G Mean A Larger Indian Gaming Market

Technology is paving way for social experiences like mobile gaming to become prevalent in countries such as India. 3G technology, specifically, will enable strong growth in multiplayer games due to increased bandwidth, faster connections and data transfer speeds as well as geo-positioning services.

The onset of the 3G spectrum in India marks a telecommunication milestone that will empower the value added services (VAS) market to new heights.

“3G is the new buzzword in the world of telecommunications whose launch opens the door to innovative value added services which will bring everything to one convergent device. ” Says Nitish Mittersain, CEO of Mobile entertainment company Nazara Technologies, adding, “larger bandwidth will permit high quality and large games to be downloaded easily and quickly, enabling a large number of consumers to access such games in a fraction of seconds.”

Faster speeds mean higher quality data can be transmitted at rates up to par with what many consumers experience in North America, Europe and few parts of Asia. This will result in a large number of users spending time on gaming, especially as the mobile handset users in India will climb to 800 million in the next 4 years. Combine that with 85 million computer owners, 41 percent of whom play games, and you have the foundation of a strong social gaming ecosystem and a thriving virtual economy.

Difficulties of monetizing Indian consumers are being mitigated by the availability of prepaid cards such as the Ultimate Game Card by PayByCash as well as injections of Offers and Tasks. Companies like Nazara and ibibo (which we recently discussed) are already making strides by launching socio-mobile games localized to Indian culture.

The impact of mobile gaming on the entertainment industry is nearing closure. High end mobile devices, faster connection speeds, increased sociability in games, and micro-transactions should keep millions of Indian players hooked for years to come. Will local companies be the strong innovators in this space and gain loyalty, or will Zynga’s venture into India spell their doom? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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