Says Tuesday is the Biggest Night for Job Seekers on Mobile Devices

We have a heavy heart here on Tuesday morning, the day after the horrific attack in Boston.

Sadly, tragedy always manages to put things in perspective so in comparison to the fragility of life, the job hunt doesn’t seem so heavy or monumental.

This just in from….apparently new data shows that job seekers use their mobile devices to find work on Tuesday nights more than any other time of the week.

The Web site’s mobile traffic has more than doubled over the past year; in fact, its mobile searches account for about one-third of all users.

It looks like there’s a disconnect since many employers have sites which are easy to navigate by mobile visitors but the sites are not user-friendly to actually apply via the mobile device.

Although the press release pointed toward employers ensuring their sites have capability for mobile users, we found the evening factor interesting since that’s when job searching spikes with mobile users, especially on Tuesdays. That is all for now. Carry on…

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