IndiaGames Leverages Sidebar Technology For Game Distribution

IndiaGames, an Indian mobile and online games company and Sidebar, a technology company dedicated to intelligent merchandising, have announced that they’ll be working together to better target merchandise to users. The Indian games market is something of great interest to social games developers, as the market has not been fully tapped by the social gaming trend yet. This news promises to be the first of a series of announcements from the South Asian gaming scene.

Specifically, Indiagames will be using Sidebar’s Smart Menu tool bar to deliver personalized recommendations to users about which virtual goods to purchase, and which other games they would like to play.

“Games are by far the biggest category of content purchased by mobile users and Indiagames is a leader in offering a wide variety of titles of games and other content. As our large user base and content catalog continue to grow, Indiagames is always looking for ways to improve sales through intelligent merchandising,” said Samir Bangara, COO, Indiagames Ltd. “We see Sidebar’s Smart Menuâ„¢ solution as a key part of our strategy, and we will use Sidebar’s advanced personalized recommendation engine to present each user the games and content they will be most interested in purchasing.”

Indiagames has a series of services, including a Games on Demand portal and an entire selection of mobile games. The Games on Demand (GoD) service acts like a social network for gamers and has a wide selection of games. It is one of the top gaming destinations in India and the production value on the portal and the games is high. Furthermore, the portal licenses content from other game developers, like Electronic Arts, to provide games like Medal of Honor, raising the bar of the portal past that of a typical Flash games portal. We’ll keep an eye on the company and let you know how they evolve.