A New Look for IndieWire

Penske Media Corporation unveils full redesign.

It started July 15, 1996 as a daily email newsletter. The following year at the Sundance Film Festival, there was a companion print edition. And on Jan. 12 1998 came the website.

Today, IndieWire editor in chief Dana Harris is welcoming visitors to a revamped site, courtesy of new owners Penske Media Corporation (PMC). It looks like a thing or two was learned from the recent, similar revamp of PMC’s Gold Derby. The new IndieWire is clean and loads fast.

Gone from the mix are The Playlist, Peter Bogdanovich’s Blogdanovich and the various other realms that made up the IndieWire Blog Network. Added are some new staff, per Harris:

Deputy editor and chief critic Eric Kohn oversees a much bigger team that includes film editor Kate Erbland, senior film critic David Ehrlich, film reporter Graham Winfrey and Toolkit editor Chris O’Falt.

Our growing TV team includes executive editor Michael Schneider, TV editor Liz Shannon Miller and TV critic Ben Travers.

Anne Thompson, our editor at large, oversees awards coverage, which also sees the contributions of below-the-line and animation writer Bill Desowitz. Tom Bruggemann is our box office contributor; Steve Greene is our able special projects editor, and we’re adding Judith Dry as our digital media critic. And we have longtime PMC stalwart William Earl as our digital director, who oversees the news staff of Vikram Murthi, Liz Calvario and Michael Nordine, and social media editor Zack Sharf, to help us bring it all together.

Per the Most Popular Indiewire stories at press time (pictured, above), the site is not quite as heavily weighted towards grassroots as it once was. But that’s fine and, quite frankly, par for the 2016 digital course. IndieWire’s origins are still well in evidence when “Toolkit” is selected from the new site’s Nav bar.

Check it out, let Harris know what you think.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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