Infographic: How Mobile and Social Are Changing the Way We Shop for Cars

64% of auto buyers rely on smartphones for research

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The days of browsing an auto lot—or even a website on your desktop—seem to be fading as more car shoppers turn to social media and mobile to make their decisions.

RadiumOne surveyed 1,522 potential car buyers and found 62 percent of them regularly looked at auto-related content on Facebook to bone up their marketplace research. And 75 percent said they share photos on Facebook of cars that they find appealing or interesting.

In terms of mobile apps, Kelley Blue Book's was the most popular among the car shoppers—with 55 percent saying they used it—followed by True Car (31 percent), eBay Motors (24 percent) and Edmunds (21 percent), according to RadiumOne's research.

But let's not go crazy about the impact of social and/or digital media. Per the ad-tech company based in San Francisco, 95 percent said they seek recommendations offline from friends, while 41 percent said they get input from at least three people before buying a Chevy, Ford, Toyota, BMW, etc. 

Check out the full infographic, which includes a bevy of data points. 



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