Infographic: January Is the Black Friday for App Monetization

New data from AdMob by Google highlights the increase in app downloads and engagement during the holiday season.

While app downloads and engagement increase during the holiday season, as consumers give and receive new mobile devices as gifts, new data from AdMob by Google indicates this activity actually peaks in January, rather than December.

In a new infographic, AdMob described January as the ‘Black Friday’ for app monetization. Created in collaboration with app analytics company App Annie, the infographic revealed that during the last holiday season (the period between October 2014 and January 2015), app downloads increased by 20 percent. AdMob itself saw an almost 30 percent increase in the number of ad impressions it served during that same time period.

AdMob encourages developers to consider monetizing their apps with ads to capitalize on the increase in mobile activity during the holiday season. When adding ads to their apps, AdMob said companies should test different ad placements to determine ‘which placements balance revenue with user experience.’

In addition, AdMob said developers should consider discounting their paid apps, or even making theirs apps free for the season. To make the most of existing users, AdMob encourages targeting high spending users with seasonal promotions, while other users could still receive ads. According to the infographic, developers could earn up to 117 percent more revenue by adding ads for in-app purchases. In addition, developers who use interstitial ads can earn 20 percent more revenue than developers who don’t.

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AdMob Holidays Infographic

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