Initial Impression: Tethering an iPad to a Nexus One Running Android OS 2.2

My Nexus One was manually upgraded to Froyo (Android OS 2.2) this past Saturday. I went with the unofficial manual upgrade route instead of waiting for the over-the-air upgrade for one main reason: I want to try Froyo’s new tethering feature. It lets an Android phone share its 3G wireless data with up to 8 WiFi devices. I’ve used it a couple of times since Saturday and found it works well. I chose to turn on WPA2 encryption to secure my data and, basically, avoid having random people use my 3G bandwidth. My WiFi-only iPad works fine with this Google Android provided feature.

After an hour and a half of using my Nexus One’s WiFi from an iPad (not continously), the Nexus One was quite warm but not uncomfortable to the touch. The iPad reconnected flawlessly to the Nexus One’s WiFi Access Point after waking from each suspended state (turning the screen back on). WMWiFiRouter running on my Touch Pro2, on the other hand, seemed to require constant reauthentication because of that apps limitation to using WEP instead of WPA2.

Android OS 2.2’s tethering ability looks like a good reason for me to stay switched to the Nexus One as my main voice phone. The HTC Touch Pro2 (Windows Mobile) may be entering its retirement phase.

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