Interview: Innovid Director Discusses New Interactive Pre-Roll Video Apps

This was a big week for Innovid, a leading provider of in-stream video advertising and creator of the revolutionary iRoll interactive video advertising technology, complete with a new partnership and the launch of a new app market that lets publishers make any pre-roll interactive.

This was a big week for Innovid, a leading provider of in-stream video advertising and creator of the revolutionary iRoll interactive video advertising technology.  At the beginning of the week they launched a new app marketplace that allows publishers to make any pre-roll interactive, and days later they announced a brand new partnership with BrightRoll, a leading provider of online video advertising services.  I had the opportunity to ask Innovid’s Director of Marketing, Rob Banning, some questions about the partnership, as well as the app.  Read on to learn more and find out what he had to say.

Let’s start with iRoll apps.  Basically, iRoll apps enables publishers to easily add interactive features to their pre-roll in minutes, such as Facebook share, coupon download, store locator, ticket purchase, Twitter follow and more.  You can check out iRoll apps in action in the video below.  You’ll notice from the video that clicking on the different interactive features pauses the video, inviting and enticing viewers to spend more time with your ad.

Innovid CEO Zvika Netter, who we interviewed over the summer, said in a press release that, “When speaking with our media partners and agency clients, we recognized that in many cases there’s a need for highly scalable interactive pre-roll product that could be created with no additional creative and in a timely manner, while at the same time reducing costs without diminishing returns.  ‘iRoll apps’ is the solution to that need.”  Very cool.

Just a couple of days after the iRoll apps announcement, the partnership with BrightRoll was announced.  According to a press release, the two companies “announced a strategic partnership to offer advanced interactive pre-roll across BrightRoll’s network to thousands of websites.  This joint product offering will also enable buyers on the BrightRoll Exchange (BRX) to leverage this new ad format.”  I asked Rob Banning some questions about the partnership.  Find out what he had to say in the interview below.

Megan at Social Times: Can you go into a little bit more detail about the partnership with BrightRoll?  What does it entail?

Rob Banning: The partnership allows BrightRoll to create, serve and measure the standard for interactive pre-roll, iRoll.  We are providing our iRoll engage and iRoll apps products to BrightRoll.  This enables the BrightRoll sales and account management teams full access to our iRoll studio as well as our backend analytics system.  They will be able to build and develop the assets for their iRoll enabled campaigns with their clients on their own and at their own pace, while having the full support of Innovid’s creative, sales and account management team should they need it.  We like to view ourselves as an extension of the BrightRoll team.

Megan: Aside from Tremor, who I know you partnered with over the summer, and BrightRoll, what other partners do you have that are using iRoll?

Rob: BrightRoll, AOL Video/5Min, Undertone,, Collective, as well as hundreds of premium publisher sites that support the iRoll product, including NBC, ABC, CBS, Viacom, Fox and Facebook to name a few.

Megan: What’s next for Innovid?  Any plans for updates or big moves in the coming future?

Rob: We will continue to grow our business and our partnerships with others in the industry while continuing to push iRoll as the standard in interactive pre-roll.  With the announcement of iRoll apps on Monday at the IAB Digital Video Marketplace, we think we are one step closer to the goal of making every pre-roll an iRoll.  Regarding the future, look for some pretty major announcements coming from Innovid in the coming months around the support of mobile devices.

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