inPulse Bluetooth Wristwatch Hackathon on April 17 in Mountain View, CA

The common wisdom is that most people, especially young people, do not wear or use wrist watches. However, regardless of where you stand on this issue, I would gamble that the inPulse Bluetooth wristwatch will interest almost any gadget fan. This watch not only communicates wirelessly with phones using Bluetooth, it can also be programmed by its owner. I’ve been following the product for a while now. You can find two recent (2011) blog posts about it here.

inPulse: Programmable (C/Python) Bluetooth Watch

Check-in to Facebook Places using inPulse Bluetooth Watch & a Smartphone

If this programmable wrist watch interests you and you will be anywhere near Mountain View in California this weekend, you might want to spent some time at the Hackathon sponsored by inPulse.

inPulse Hackathon April 17 – Hacker Dojo in Mountain View

You can download the inPulse simulator (free) to get your wrist watch app development started.

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