Inside Andrea Zittel’s Desert Studio

(Photos: Dan Holdsworth)

Put on your best handmade smock and head over to Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art on Monday evening, when artist and DIY queen Andrea Zittel will speak about her work. In conjunction with the museum’s current exhibition on artist studios, Zittel will discuss how her west coast studio (A-Z West, an overhauled 1940s cabin in the Mojave Desert) serves as both a space for exploration and a place for crafting and presenting objects, materials, spaces, and ideas. “This desert region originally appealed to us because it seemed that one could ‘do anything here,'” notes Zittel of the 25 sun-scorched acres that have been her California “testing grounds” since 1999. “The area and its history represent a very poignant clash of human idealism, the harshness of the desert, climate and the vast distances that it places in between people.”

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