Inside Social Apps 2010 Roundup of Media Coverage

The Inside Network hosted its first conference, Inside Social Apps 2010, on April 20 this week in San Francisco.

The sold out conference looked primarily at the future of monetization on social platforms by bringing together the world’s leading entrepreneurs who discussed the future of social applications and games monetizing through virtual goods.

Our Coverage:

Inside Social Apps 2010: Mark Pincus Keynote on Growing the Social Gaming Industry

Inside Social Apps 2010: Investors Predict Big Acquisitions, Innovation

Inside Social Apps 2010: Mobile Will Become Dominant Form of Social Gaming

Inside Social Apps 2010: Social Gaming’s Expansion in East Asia and Around the World

Inside Social Apps 2010: Offer Companies Look Forward to Industry Growth

Inside Social Apps 2010: Sebastien de Halleux Says Brands Rule, and Social Gaming Will Consolidate

Inside Social Apps 2010: As Social Payments Mature, Facebook Credits Grows

Inside Social Apps 2010: Social Gaming Has an Even Bigger Future

Inside Social Apps 2010: Investors Talk Big Acquisitions and Mixed Opportunities

Inside Social Apps 2010: Social Gaming’s Expansion in East Asia and Across the Planet

Inside Social Apps 2010: Mobile Will Overtake Facebook for Social Gaming

Twitter Tweets

Lots of serious Twitter users were in attendance during the day, as you can tell by checking out the many tweets that include our conference hashtag, #isa2010. Further tweet reading: Webtrends’ Justin Kistner had one of the best live tweet streams of the day, and PIXELearnings’ Kevin Corti put together a solid tweet-based roundup, even though a certain volcano kept him and many others from Europe away.

Coverage From Other Publications

Finally, we had great coverage from a range of leading web and game publications. Here’s the list:

VentureBeat: Zynga’s Mark Pincus: Time for Facebook to choose

VentureBeat: Five ways to make great social games from Zynga’s Mark Pincus

VentureBeat: Copy this: Zynga raises $130K for two charities through social games

VentureBeat: EA Playfish exec: the billion-dollar social game is achievable

TechCrunch: Social Gaming Execs Discuss Growth, Monetization, And The Future Of Facebook Games

GigaOm: Zynga’s Pincus Calls for United App Economy

Justin Gibbs: Xbox live for the web – Mark Pincus keynote

Gamasutra: Zynga CEO: ‘Facebook Is At A Crossroads’

GameZebo: Inside Social Apps 2010 looks to the future of social networks Playfish COO de Halleux talks ‘billions’ and ‘brands’ at Inside Social Apps

Once a Beekeeper: Inside Social Apps 2010: A Recap Inside Social Apps 2010: What’s the Future for Indie Game Developers?

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