Inside The Newsroom Of 1996 (VIDEO)

Election Day Nov. 5, 1996 at The Miami Herald from Robertson Adams on Vimeo.

I just came across this video that was shot on Election Day 1996 in the newsroom of the Miami Herald. The video offers a reminder about how far newsroom technology has come in 15 years.

In this video, people are still using terminals that feature lime-green text on a black background. What is billed as the Herald‘s first digital camera is unboxed–and tested (much to the chagrin of some less than photogenic newsroom colleagues).

My favorite part comes toward the end of the video (at about 27 minutes in), when the paper’s paste up process is shown. Editors deliberate about which of three splash headlines should be used for the paper’s A1 page.

As someone too young to have worked in a newsroom in this era, I find the video fascinating. For those who did work at newsrooms during the paste up era, the video will surely be nostalgic.

And, of course, as you watch, think of how different (and faster) this process is now with all the technology that we take for granted!

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