Twitter? Facebook? Google+? For Business, Instagram Is King, Says Study [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media has proven itself as a revolutionary tool for marketing businesses of all shapes and sizes in almost every major industry around the world, but, for most firms, it’s Facebook and Twitter that get the most attention, certainly when they’re starting out. However, a new study suggests this might be a mistake, as it’s Instagram that might actually be the most valuable social channel for brands.

SumAll analysed data from 6,000 of its customers and determined that Instagram was the most effective social network based on three criteria: growth, engagement and impact on sales. SumAll customers in the U.S. saw 1.5 to 3 percent increases in revenue due to Instagram usage, whilst those in the United Kingdom benefited form a 3.6 percent uptick.

So, does this mean all brands should switch their time and resources wholly to Instagram? Not necessarily – in my opinion, Facebook and Twitter remain the best places to start. But, as this study suggests, experimentation with Instagram could prove extremely beneficial for businesses that have the right content in place (i.e., strong visuals), but not at the expense of their existing social media presence.

(Source: SumAll.)

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