This Instagram Hack for Friendsgiving Has a Heavy Amazon and Pinterest Push

Sparkling juice brand's campaign includes 650 pieces of content

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A quick Instagram search brings up more than 240,800 photos with the hashtag #Friendsgiving and another 54,000 pics posted with #Friendsday, two made-up celebrations milllennials have largely backed over the past few years with celebrations involving potluck-style meals and DIY crafts.

Sparkling juice brand Izze and The Integer Group hope to capitalize on that buzz with a new holiday campaign that plays out across Instagram, Amazon and Pinterest as well as its own website. The brand has built an extensive Instagram hack that uses a series of questions to help people find the perfect recipe for their own Friendsgiving or celebration, creating a total of 650 pictures.

The campaign is part of a bigger platform called #Friendsday, which celebrates get-togethers among millennials, that The Integer Group has used to house Izze's campaigns for the past year or so.

"The insight came from seeing people talking online and on social media about these #Friendsday nights where they gather with their friends with food and drinks. It was important for these millennials to show off their style and be creative amongst friends," said Chava Ziff, group account director at The Integer Group. "Friendsgiving is the ultimate Friendsday night."

For Friendsgiving, the agency and brand designed a campaign that asks folks a handful of questions they can answer by clicking on Instagram pictures from seven accounts set up specifically for the effort.

For example, the first question asks, "What are you up to on a Friendsday Night?" People can then pick from five answers—"making art" or "hosting a fancy dinner," for example—by clicking on Instagram posts. They're then taken to another page and another question.

Ultimately, people end up on a page where they can pick from three holiday recipe themes—"Home away from home-cooked," "Throwback Thursday" and "Bon Appetizer."

Through a partnership with Curalate's Like2Buy technology, a link in the account for each theme is connected to Amazon and Pinterest, where people can buy soda and kitchen goods, and find the corresponding recipes.

For instance, clicking on the "Throwback Thursday" wish list pulls up an Amazon link for Izze drinks, casserole dishes, tablecloths and candles.

The holiday effort also includes a heavy Pinterest push. Izze has set up roughly 40 Pinterest posts with Thanksgiving recipes and crafts.

While Instagram hacks are nothing new (Reynolds and Hyundai have also tested the photo app's grid structure), Izze's work is particularly interesting with the e-commerce tie-in.

Integer declined to provide specific numbers but said e-commerce makes up a significant portion of Izze's sales, and the brand has an Amazon Dash button. The team also plans to plug the Instagram shopping tool into future campaigns.

"We're always looking for bringing fun, convenience and usability together," Ziff said. "The Like2Buy integration that we've done will be a key element to that going forward."

Take a look at a few Instagram posts below:

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