Instagram Unveils ‘Cinema’ Video Sharing Feature

Instagram has added a video sharing feature to its app called Cinema. iOS and Android users can now use the app to create 15 second videos with 13 different filters. Instagram founder Kevin Systrom revealed the news in a press conference held in Menlo Park, CA today. “This is the same Instagram we all know and love, but it moves,” said Systrom at the event.

The app lets you shoot and string together clips of video as you would on Vine. Unlike Vine, you can delete a clip in between shooting the video so that you don’t have to start all over again in the middle of making a video. The  app also includes 13 new custom video filters that are designed specifically for video. “We needed something new for video, we wanted to evolve,” said Systrom.

The new video offering is designed to be simple and beautiful.”It wouldn’t be Instagram without being beautiful. We need to do to videos what we did to photos,” said Systrom.

At the event, Systrom also revealed that 130 million people use Instagram every month. “These are people just like you and me coming together to share the world in real time,” he said.