Instagram introduces Direct for private photo and video sharing

Image via Instagram

Instagram has announced Instagram Direct, introducing new functionality to the photo and video sharing service, which now allows users to send photos and video messages directly to their friends. These ‘Direct’ posts are shared to users’ in-app inboxes, with separation based on whether or not the user is a known contact.

To share a post using Instagram Direct, users can simply tap on the capture button, edit a photo or video as normal and then switch to “Direct” instead of “Followers” (the original public setting) as they’re adding captions and tags.

When sending a Direct post, users can tap the names of people they wish to send the photo or video to, type a caption and send it off. After sending, users will receive notifications when the item has been viewed, and can monitor their likes and comments, just as they would for a traditional Instagram post.

The app will show Direct photos and videos users receive from people they follow immediately. If they receive a Direct post from someone they do not follow, it appears in the app’s requests area, so users can decide on an individual basis whether or not they’d like to view the content.

After a Direct has been viewed, users can reply with another Direct video or image of their own. Direct posts can also be hidden or deleted from the inbox to clear clutter.

The Instagram Direct update is now available on iOS and Android. Check back soon to follow Instagram on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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