Instagram Finally Adds iOS Share Extensions

Instagram finally enabled iOS share extensions in version 8.2 of its application for that platform.

Instagram finally enabled iOS share extensions in version 8.2 of its application for that platform.

iOS share extensions debuted along with iOS 8 in September 2014, and Instagram parent Facebook immediately integrated with iOS share extensions, allowing users to share photos and videos from other iOS applications directly to Facebook without opening the flagship app.

Now, according to 9to5Mac, Instagram users who have upgraded to version 8.2 have the same capabilities.

9to5Mac reported that users will be able to add captions to photos and videos imported from other iOS apps, but in order to take advantage of Instagram’s photo filters and other photo-editing features, they will have to launch the flagship app.

Readers: Why do you think it took Instagram so long to integrate with iOS share extensions?

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