With 300 Million Users, #Instagram is Now Bigger Than #Twitter

With 300 Million Users, #Instagram is Now Bigger Than #Twitter

Today, Instagram announced that it now has 300 million active users.

That’s bigger than Twitter.

In its last quarterly earnings report, Twitter revealed that it had 284 million active users, which, while up 13 million from Q2 2014, represented year-on-year growth of just 23 percent – the lowest 12-month total Twitter has ever seen.

And it seems unlikely that Twitter will reach 300 million users before the end of the year.

However, the comparison is not quite this simple.

Instagram users now share 70 million photos and videos every day, which seems like quite a lot, but Twitter sees more than one billion tweets every 2-3 days, a vast number of which contain images and other media embeds.

Additionally, Instagram’s reach outside of the platform is many magnitudes below that of Twitter. While top Instagram photos are regularly picked up by the mainstream media and entertainment industry, they’re typically celebrity focused.

Top tweets from celebrities are also regularly reported by the press, but Twitter has growing influence in other, more important ways around the world. For example, when tweets are used to break stories, provide on-the-spot updates and inspire change. I don’t think anyone is going to be using Instagram as a tool for revolution quite yet, and nobody is “turning to Instagram to see the reaction” during world events.

Still, this is a big day for Instagram, and Facebook’s 2012 $1 billion acquisition of the company is looking smarter by the day.