Instagram video a week later: Vine falling fast

According to MarketingLand using Topsy’s free analytics tool, Twitter users are sharing Vine videos less and less since Instagram introduced video to its app last Thursday. The amount of Vine shares on Twitter took a significant dip after the June 20th announcement and has not recovered since.

The introduction of video to Instagram automatically had implications for video sharing app Vine. According to AppData, Vine has taken a significant dip in the app leader boards as well. Since June 20th, the app fell to #8 of top free apps in the app store, after holding the number one spot the week before.

From a numbers perspective, Vine has a lot of ground to make up if it is looking usurp Instagram as the top video sharing application. Instagram already boasts 130 million monthly active users while Vine only has a reported 13 million users as of earlier this month.

Instagram’s day one stats are nothing to scoff at as well. Within the first 24 hours of going live, there were 5 million video uploads with the company seeing a peak of 40 hours of video uploaded per minute.

Vine has assured its users that the company is working on new updates for the summer. It is going to take a lot of work to lure Instagram’s user base outside of its platform, but if the company is inventive enough, there is a slim chance it may make a splash.

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