Massachusetts Swimwear Designer Makes Waves With Amy Schumer Criticism

Dana Duggan stands by her Instagram words

Instagram comments lead to interviews with The Huffington Post, Yahoo Style.
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Be careful what you comment. Dana Duggan, owner of South Shore Swimwear, a design brand based in Cohasset, Mass., chimed in to InStyle’s Instagram account Wednesday with the opinion that Amy Schumer should not be on the cover of the May 2017 issue in a swimsuit. In short order, she was being criticized by others and contacted by various media outlets to clarify. To her credit, she has not backed down.

The Huffington Post’s Jamie Feldman was first to report on this matter. And in giving the outlet comment, Duggan had a qualifier:

As she requested we include that “The Huffington Post is the biggest piece of crap publication out there.”

Meanwhile, speaking later with Yahoo Style’s Kristine Solomon, Duggan explained her POV further and it is actually an interesting basis for discussion:

“I’m not fat-shaming anyone,” Duggan told us. “I’m not anti-inclusivity or anti-plus size. All I said was not everyone should be in a swimsuit on the cover of a magazine. I don’t think it was an attractive photo.” …

Duggan admits that she herself is a size 14, “and I’m not on the cover of a beauty magazine.” The swimwear manufacturer exclusively uses svelte models on her brand’s official website and Facebook page, and tells Yahoo Style that she feels modeling used to be “something you aspired to and didn’t see on the street.”

Schumer is not a size 14 and never aspired to be a cover model. So Duggan here is more broadly criticizing the trend away from magazine industry precepts of old. She tells Yahoo Style that high-fashion magazines have been victimized by a “PC culture [that] has run amok” and though she feels her Instagram words were misconstrued, she stands by her stated opinion. Duggan at press time has also spoken to local ABC affiliate WCVB-TV.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.