Integration Between Bloomberg, BusinessWeek Faces Hurdles

Following last week’s launch of a merged-and-overhauled Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine, The New York Times offers an account of the integration-related foibles among staff members at the Brady Bunch of business news.

Not all is running smoothly between staffers at the 80-year-old weekly and those at the terminal-subsidized stock traders’ news outlet. According to the Times:

• A Bloomberg “speed desk” staffer bragged to BusinessWeek reporters that his work had helped one Wall Street trader make thousands, to the confusion of one BW reporter.
• Bloomberg workers run up and down the stairs a lot, because their elevator only stops at the sixth and ninth floors.
• Bloomberg gives reporters a Tao of sorts, titled “The Bloomberg Way,” which forbids such conjunctions as “but” and “however.”
• This:

Employees swipe ID cards to enter and leave the building, and when an employee sends an internal e-mail message, the last time he clocked in or out appears next to his name. If he forgets his ID, “Forgotten Badge” appears next to every e-mail message he sends to co-workers that day — a tough fit for magazine journalists lucky to remember their wallets, let alone their building IDs.

Looks like the adopted kids at the house of Bloomberg have some serious adjustments to make under these stricter parents.