Intel Atom N450 Said to be Available January 2010. Better Battery Life Expected says that the…

New Atom N450 for netbook launch is January

…specifically Jaunary 3, 2010. Fudzilla notes that the processor combines graphics processing on the processor thus reducing space requirements in netbooks. They note that it does not provide battery life or performance improvements compared to the N270. However, earlier discussions about the N450 (aka “Pinewood”) noted that its 7 watt power requirement is about half of the power required by the current combination of a N270 and graphics processor. If this is true, we should see a noticable increase battery life in netbooks usig the N450.

The crop of summer rumors about the N450 had its debut scheduled fro this month (October). So, let’s hope Intel hits the early January 2010 availability date noted by Fudzilla.