Intel’s AppUp – Is It Too Late to Succeed?

At the recent AppUp event in San Francisco I had a chance to checkout the Intel AppUp store at their booth. Most of you probably have never heard of AppUp, but it was launched in September of 2010 and currently has a selection of over 3,500 apps. That app selection seems almost laughable compared to 134k+ apps on the Android store and 121+ apps on the iTunes store, but Intel seems to be optimistic (not like they have a choice not to) that they will get some traction in 2011.

Currently their Windows store is up in running, and some blockbuster mobile titles such as Angry Birds are available for purchase. In fact AppUp is the only way to play Angry Birds on your PC. Unfortunately there are no numbers available with regards to the size of App Up’s user base, so it is still a high risk choice for developers unless they already have an existing title which they’d like to port over to AppUp, which supports C, C++, .net, Java & Unity. Intel tries to assist developers with porting their games to AppUp by working with their preferred porting providers, as well as offering to cover porting costs for certain developers.

Intel is heavily betting on the rise of touch screen netbooks, laptops and monitors that are being released, such as the Lenovo IdeaPad s10-3t (netbook). The s10-3t is basically a hybrid between a tablet and a laptop. It comes with a rotatable screen that you can flip over and turn into a tablet, then flip back over and open to use its built in keyboard as you would on any normal netbook/laptop. So for those of us who would like a portable touch screen productivity tool, the new wave of netbooks may be the best choice.

Until Intel releases their numbers for AppUp and provides some serious incentives for developers to come on board, I predict that it will be very difficult for them to gain significant traction.

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