Interactive Infographic Shows Real-Time Conversations About Breast Cancer On Twitter

In a simple, interactive infographic, GE has teamed up with design firm Periscopic to show you live, streaming conversations on Twitter about breast cancer.

The infographic shows each conversation thread as a blue dot. Each time a keyword associated with breast cancer is used on Twitter, that tweet will appear in the blue cloud.

The “Breast Cancer Conversation” infographic starts out as an oval cluster of blue dots, the larger ones being the more retweeted tweets. You can roll your mouse over each dot to see the author of the tweet, its contents and the number of retweets it received. The latest 1,500 tweets about breast cancer appear in the infographic.

But that’s not all. If you use the navigation tools to the right of the infographic under “Explore by”, you can drill down into the tweets even further. For instance, you can view only those tweets that contain the word “Women”, as well as those that also contain the word “Threat”. The tweet dots will be colored differently depending on which, and how many, keywords it includes.

If you search through the data by stories, you’ll see the most retweeted links in the breast cancer conversation. And finally, you can also search the data based on who tweeted what.

You can view the Breast Cancer Conversation here, and use it to learn more about how people are discussing the disease on Twitter.