Laid Off IBT Media Employees Tweet Their Poignant Farewells

Dozens of International Business Times staffers affected, with Newsweek cuts reportedly set for Friday.

The news broke around 3 p.m. this afternoon, via reports by Recode and Politico Media. A press release from IBT Media followed shortly thereafter, which states that ‘the overall restructuring plan includes some staff downsizing.’

That’s putting it mildly. The number of International Business Times journalists and others affected is in the dozens, with Recode’s Noah Kulwin reporting that separate Newsweek layoffs will be revealed Friday. The resulting Twitter stream is the last thing anyone wishes to be reading on the cusp of summer’s first big holiday weekend.

Here’s a picture worth 730 days:


Here’s the site’s exiting editor of tech, media and culture, keeping it classy:


And here’s a reminder of the predicament colleagues at Newsweek now find themselves in:


Update (July 1):
Per Politico, around a half-dozen Newsweek staffers were notified today that they are also being cut.

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