Internet Abuzz Over Karl Lagerfeld, Snoop Dogg Collaboration, Even If It Never Happened

If it feels like coming back to the daily grind after a long, relaxing holiday weekend has destroyed all forms of hope and joy, then we have just the remedy for you: the vaguely possible news that fashion design legend Karl Lagerfeld has collaborated with the rapper Snoop Dogg. Unfortunately, to what that degree of collaboration was, if any at all, is still unknown. Late last week, Women’s Wear Daily reported that the designer was in Saint-Tropez, directing a music video for nightclub owner-turned-musician Jean-Roch. Very quickly, WWD mentioned that “The track also features Snoop Dogg.” Whether or not Messrs. Lagerfeld and Dogg were in the same room together, or even in the same city, was not revealed. However, that didn’t stop the internet from exploding over the weekend with headlines like “Karl Lagerfeld and Snoop Dogg Are Working on a Music Video” and “The Collaboration We’ve Been Waiting For: Karl Lagerfeld and Snoop Dogg,” writing as though it were a sure thing. As far as we’re concerned, given that WWD was the only outlet to have the story and simply reported, again, that “The track also features Snoop Dogg,” we’re going to hold off believing that they’ve gotten together to make magic. If it does wind up being true, we’ll expect the finished product, judging from Lagerfeld’s previous film work, to either be bizarre and plotless or meandering with just a hint of plot. If it doesn’t wind up being true, that will mean that we can continue to pull for for our preferred design-based collaboration for the rapper: Droog and Dogg, together at last.

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