Interning at HuffPo is Neither Free Nor Cheap

Ariana Huffington is definitely a genius. An Ayn Randian genius perhaps, despite her liberal politics, but definitely a genius. First she built one of the largest news websites in the world without paying the majority of her writers a cent. Now she’s got kids paying to be interns — to the tune of $9,000 a pop.

We bust the Ariana’s chops, but, in fairness, the Intern fees were raised in an auction to support the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. Yahoo! News has more:

Other winning bids this year: A week at Esquire went for $1,000, while internships at Black Enterprise and Niche Media brought in $550 and $500, respectively.

Perhaps to offset the appearance that only wealthy interns would get inside, each publication also created a slot that doesn’t cost anything, according to the RFK Center.

Insane tidbit of the day: Anna Wintour has kids paying $42,500 to intern at Vogue.

H/T Romenesko

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